Make Your Own Photobook - Sizes and Prices

Clicking on any photo book publisher logo will take you to a page with information about every type of photo book offered by that company. Note that flip books (small size photo books typically featuring only one photo per page) are not included in this listing but will be reviewed separately.

See all basic book stats including size, type of cover, minimum and maximum number of pages, and binding along with their prices.

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Small: 3x2 3.5x2.6 3.5x2.75 4x4 4.75x4.25 4x6 6x4
  5x5 5.4x5.1 5.75x5 5.5x5.5 5x7 7x5 6x6
Medium: 5x8 8x5.5 7.75x5.75 6x7.5 5.5x8.5 8x6 7x7
  8.69x5.69 6x9 9x6 9x7 8x8 7x10 8.5x8.5
  6.9x10.5 7.75x10 8x10 10x8 9.5x8.5 8x11 11x8
  10.25x9 8.5x11 11x8.5 11.25x8.5 8x12 11x8.75 8.3x11.7
  11.5x8.5 11.25x8.75          
Large: 10x10 8.5x12.25 9x12 11x11 12.5x10 13x10 11.6x11.6
  13x11 12x12 11x14 14x11 15x11 12x14 14x12
  15x11.5 17x11 16x12 17.5x12