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Year In Review Photo Books – Happy New Year!



This year just flew by didn’t it? Well it seems I feel that way every year. I can’t ever remember saying, “this year dragged on forever…”

The end of the year always makes me think of making a photo book to relive those memories made over the last twelve months. Even if you didn’t have a “big” event like a wedding, birth, anniversary, graduation this past 2013, there’s usually something memorable that happened like a trip or holiday time, or even just celebrating “a day in the life”. I try to take snapshots of everyday moments (which has been made much easier with the advent of camera phones) like breakfast, playtime, storytime or what we happen to be eating for dinner. These moments understandably get short shrift sometimes, but these are actually the moments that I know I’ll miss most when our son gets older.

Photo books don’t have to be complex, many companies have year in review themed templates – just upload your photos and plop them into place. Even easier are the programs like the interface on Blurb that slurps your Instagram or Facebook to create instant books for you.

I’m always checking out the new or most popular designs on the various sites. Clicking on the links or photos will take you to the company site or to more information about this type of project on my site.

Here’s this year’s survey of the best in Year in Review photo books.

Mixbook Vintage Year in Review

Mixbook year in review photo book

Mixbook year in review photo book layout

Mixbook Year in review photo book

Mixbook Family Yearbook

Mixbook Family Yearbook

Mixbook Family Yearbook

Mixbook Family Yearbook

Shutterfly Year In Review Photo Books

Shutterfly Project Life Mayfield

Shutterfly Project Life Mayfield Edition

Shutterfly Project Life Olive

Shutterfly Project Life Olive Edition

Shutterfly Top Ten photo book

Shutterfly Top Ten

Photobook America

Colorful Year Photobook America

Photobook America Colorful Year

Blurb Instagram Photo Book

Instagram photo book

Blurb Facebook Photo Book

Facebook Blurb Giveaway 2

A popular type of year in review theme is a 365 project. I did a 365 project last year. I wanted to do one this year, but there were so many new projects I wanted to try. It was challenging but a lot of fun!

365 project 2012

There’s a lot of year end deals going on right now and a new crop of promos around the corner for 2014 so be sure to check out all the deals on my handy dandy deals page before you make your book!

Happy New Year to you and yours and here’s to an amazing year of photobooking in 2014!




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