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Winners Announced! Photo Book Girl’s 3 Days of Late Night Snack Deals Giveaway



Hello out there! I must confess I’m eating a late night snack of Japanese milk tea and toasted cinnamon raisin bread as I write this. I was drooling this past week reading about all of your favorite late night treats! Hot chocolate, cookies, chocolate (dark chocolate in particular), ice cream, blueberries, tea, cereal and raw cookie dough were some of the goodies mentioned by our readers. While there were a couple savory faves like popcorn, hummus and ramen – sugar was the clear winner. We have quite a few “sweet tooths” out there!

When I was younger I craved sugar. I could eat a box of Gobstoppers every…single…day. My adult self is absolutely horrified at this! I gave up soda pop a few months ago and I’m pretty careful about limiting sugar for my kids, especially after I witnessed an actual sugar high by my older son. We were too lax the first day of a trip and let him have too many snacks and sweets in an effort to keep him happy on the plane. By evening he was bouncing off the walls – literally. He physically could not sit still at dinner and we had no idea what happened to our normally well-behaved kid until after we took an inventory of what he had eaten. Before it happened to us, I thought “sugar highs” were a bit of a myth. Let’s say we haven’t made that mistake again!

So perhaps my decorating theme for the holidays this year may be a little ill-advised lest we encourage too much temptation, but it’s such a cute and fun theme, I couldn’t resist. Welcome to Photo Book Girl’s Candyland!

Candyland Christmas Tree

Candy themed Christmas tree

I went a little overboard decorating the tree this year but it’s hard not to go over the top. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I’m so relieved (so far) that my two boys have not discovered there is REAL CANDY on the tree. Three different kinds of candy canes, PEZ and some Hello Kitty candy (what that entails I’m not sure). Anyway, I confess… I lied and told them it’s all fake. I wanted to add more real candy, but I didn’t want to press my luck. I almost hung up some super cute mini packs of jelly beans, but my youngest LOVES them and he’s too smart not to attempt a taste test. Did you also notice all the family photos I have on my tree? Of course you would expect that Photo Book Girl wouldn’t miss an opportunity to get some pics displayed!

I’m sure you want to get back to the giveaway winners right? But first check out our three winners favorite snacks:

“Blueberries and dark chocolate with some warm tea.”

“Hot chocolate and a cookie.”

“After Eights with a cup of tea.”

Congrats to the following readers (all chocolate lovers b/t/w!) who will each receive a $100 credit to Mixbook!

Tara F.

Laura M.

Sandy H.

You can use it on anything you’d like: photo books, acrylic prints, cards, calendars, canvas prints etc.!

Please make sure to look out for an email from me to confirm your prize. Thanks to Mixbook for sponsoring this awesome giveaway! If you want to see more of my Mixbook projects check out my Mixbook reviews page. Don’t worry if you missed the late night deals – there are plenty of new deals from Mixbook and other companies just posted in the deals’ tracker!

I hope you’re all doing well on your projects! I know your friends and family will love anything you’ve taken the time and care to make for them!

Wishing all of you the sweetest of holidays!


Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Mixbook. The links on these pages go to the Mixbook’s site. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a referral fee from the company. This giveaway and post is sponsored by Mixbook. Regardless of affiliation my opinions are always my own and I always give my honest opinion.





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  1. Laura M
    Posted December 21, 2017 at 8:41 pm | #

    Thank you again I am so excited!!

  2. Sandy H
    Posted January 25, 2018 at 7:29 am | #

    Thanks so much for this awesome prize! I’m not seeing your posts in my FB feed anymore & completely missed this. My gift card is going to great use. Thanks again!!!

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