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Pre-Black Friday Photo Book Girl Exclusive! 10 FREE Custom Holiday Cards From Mixbook



*Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a referral fee. Regardless, my opinions are my own and I always give my honest opinion, good or bad.

The one time of year I actually look forward to checking the mail is during the Christmas holidays. I love getting holiday cards from friends and family near and far. Nowadays a written letter or printed card is quite the rarity, so I linger over and enjoy the “fun mail” that comes in (versus the “not fun mail” a/k/a bills). I already received my first holiday card of the year – last week! The holiday card also served as a “we’ve moved” notice, so it makes perfect sense they sent them out early – that helps everyone make sure to send cards to their new address. I love how holiday cards can serve double duty. I have personally done a birth announcement as part of our holiday card when my son was born two years ago. Why not?

This year I’m getting a jump on my holiday cards. We’re fortunate once again to have a special freebie from Mixbook – make that 10 freebies – plus a great deal for Photo Book Girl readers to also get those holiday cards going! I’ll have more on how to get 10 free cards from Mixbook later in this post!

What I love about Mixbook photo cards is the software. Have you ever started a photo card and found the lovely picture you chose didn’t fit properly in the card layout you selected? You couldn’t move anything, you couldn’t change the text. Then you had to just scrap the whole thing. Time wasted. You don’t have those concerns with Mixbook. The level of customization is amazing. You can change just about anything – the number of photos used, the text, the embellishments, the color. Or you can change nothing at all and just drag and drop your photo if the layout suits you. It’s really the best of both worlds. (Another fave of mine – Mixbook calendars are just as customizable. Check out my review here.)

For example here’s the Simple Modern Holiday design. Both the front and back is shown below.

As you can see in the design workspace there’s a bunch of layouts from which to choose. If you’d rather have more than one photo in the back you can easily do that. You can also add text wherever you like and some extra goodies from a big selection of tasteful clip art. If you are a digital scrapbooker and you have your own stickers and backgrounds you can import your embellishments and use them within Mixbook’s software. Just click on “Stickers” at the top left of the main workspace, then click on “Browse Stickers” then “Upload Stickers”.

If you’re trying out a bunch of different designs but are using the same photos to test out in the various cards, here’s a tip to save time. If you’ve made one card and already saved it, open up another card design and when the “add photos” prompt pops up click on “My Projects” and you can easily select the photos from the prior project so you don’t have to upload the same photos with each different design you try.

Here’s the card I made with this design. Yes, I know they’re wearing Halloween costumes, but they came out so cute – it’s just a test for the real thing!


Sizes and Paper Choices

Most cards are 5 x 7 in size and in second comes 5 x 5 cards. There are a lesser number of of 4 x 8 and 4 x 6 cards, and a few 3.5 x 5 cards.

Below are the card designs I favorited when I was making my cards. I chose a number of Year in Review designs shown below. I love being able to include little snippets of things that happened this year. I enjoy reading them when my friends send them to me as well. By the way, to save time, if you like any of these specific designs, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top and type in the name of the card. It should pop up.

Some new paper options have been added since last holiday season. There used to be three papers but now there are five options.

(The prices below are for 5 x 7 cards based on an order of 20 cards). Sale prices in green below reflect our ongoing 30% off exclusive for Photo Book Girl readers which runs through 12/31/17. By the way, new deals pop up all the time – so be sure to check out my deals page before you order for the latest discounts!)

  • Satin Finish $1.63 $1.14
  • Signature Matte $2.18 $1.52
  • Pearl Finish $2.46 $1.72
  • Cotton Texture $3.04 $2.13
  • Luxe Board $3.64 $2.55

Also new this year are foil cards. The extra sparkle adds about 60 to 80 cents more per card – it depends on your paper choice and on the quantity you order. For every 5 cards ordered, foil or otherwise, the price per card goes down.

From my experience ordering from Mixbook last year, the Satin paper gives you slightly higher contrast and punchier color. Matte papers tend to mute colors, but only very slightly. I have not yet had the chance to try the pearl, cotton texture or luxe board yet, but I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the papers – it just depends on your budget and personal taste. I’ll update after I get my cards.

Other Options – New Trims & Envelope Addressing

You may have noticed that most of my cards have rounded corners. It’s a look I personally like a lot. Rounded corners will add $0.20 additional per card. New this year are a bunch of different edge options such as the “double rounded edge”, which I haven’t seen offered anywhere else. All of the special trims are also $0.20 each. They definitely add a unique touch to your cards.

Blank envelopes are included, but Mixbook can print both return and recipient addresses on your envelopes so you don’t have to. Adding this feature will run $0.25 each.


I’m sure you’ve heard enough of me talking about my cards – check it out for yourself with 10 FREE cards! This is a special deal for PBG readers! What’s so awesome is that you can order any ten cards you would like. They don’t have to be the same and you can choose any of the paper and trim options I mentioned above – even the more luxe foil cards.

Deal #1


Click here to make 10 FREE CARDS!

Coupon Code: PBGCARDS17

Valid for ten flat card items. To redeem this offer, add 10 or more flat cards to your cart and add coupon code. Can be the same, or a mix of different styles and paper types. Not valid for folded cards. Limit 10 free cards per Mixbook account, shipping address and billing address. Shipping and any applicable taxes will apply. For U.S. addresses, shipping should be about $3.89 for the most economical shipping.

Deal Expires: 12/19/2017 11:59pm PT


Deal #2


30% off Cards!

Coupon Code: PBG2017

Deal Expires: 12/31/2017 11:59pm PT



*Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a referral fee. Regardless, my opinions are my own and I always give my honest opinion, good or bad.




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    I’m trying to do the ten free cards and I used your code. The cards show free but it says I will pay $9.53 for standard shipping. How do I get free shipping?

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