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Photographing Fall Color With Fresh Eyes



Being the photo happy person that I am, I think I’m probably more aware of my surroundings in general, forever scoping out a potential great shot just waiting to be captured. This fall however, I became even more keenly observant of my surroundings, especially while experiencing autumn’s changing colors with family visiting from overseas. My family¬†hails from the tropics and they don’t have the opportunity to experience the changing seasons the way we do in the Midwest. It was nice to be able to share the beauty of our fall, seeing it through new eyes and enjoying their wonderment. It made me appreciate it even more than I already do and taking them around gave me ample opportunity to pull out my camera to capture these shots while we traveled through Door County, Wisconsin. Why I even managed to be in a few photos myself – a rare occurrence for someone who is always on the picture-taking end!

You don’t have to go on vacation or travel to a faraway place to find some great subjects for your photography – just stepping outside your door can yield some wonderful photos. Enjoy the fall!




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