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Photobookgirl’s Top Ideas for a Wedding Planning Behind the Scenes Photo Book



I’ve been married a little over three years now and a mom for a little over one. Time flies! I’ve done lots of wedding photo books and albums and I get lots of emails from new brides and grooms asking me for my recommendations. I often get, “What is the BEST wedding album out there?” I often point them to my wedding photo book ideas page which contains links to all my wedding photo books. Each post gets more in-depth (you know how I love detail!) about each book on print quality, price, promos and all my best design tips. You’ll see there is a book out there to suit your particular taste and to suit every budget. (You know that ugly word we all hate but have to keep in mind!)

Even though my wedding was three years ago, the reason I have wedding photo books on my mind lately is that I’m making another wedding photo book. (Shhhh…Don’t tell my husband!) It’s for review purposes however. He’ll be glad to know I am receiving this book complimentary from the company so I can let you know what I think about it. I’m quite behind it doing it and I’m working hard to get it done this month! Since I’ve already done several wedding albums already, I think I’m going to do this one a little differently and I’ll share my thought process with you.

In leading up to making a book I think about what I want to include in that book and then gather those photos or items into a folder on my desktop. I just think about it here and there when I’m doing chores or after Photo Book Baby goes to sleep – just those little moments I get to myself in my daily routine. In mulling it over, I decided to make this book about all the details that went into my wedding and all the events that led up to it. If you’re like me, I’m sure you brides had an wedding¬†inspiration board or binder¬†featuring all those magazine clippings and ideas you wanted to use for your big day. Just 3 years ago there was no Pinterest – or else I would have put all those links on there! I’m really jealous of all the brides now who can put all their stuff in one place! As for me, I put all my ideas in some computer folders as well as in a big sketchbook I bought at the art store.

Here’s some ideas of what you can put in your wedding planning/behind the scenes photo book:

  • Proposal photos and the story of how it happened;
  • Engagement party photos (get those gorgeous ring shots in!);
  • Bridal shower photos (and carefully selected Bachelor/Bachelorette party photos – LOL!);
  • Engagement photos;
  • Dress fittings, tux fittings (grooms I haven’t forgotten about you!) and food tastings;
  • Snippets from your planning book such as bouquet, dress, color schemes, shoes, venue, invitations – this can be done by scanning pages of your binder or planning book, or taking photos of your book. You can also dedicate a spread to each item like a spread full of all of the bouquet ideas then be sure to also put a photo of you with the bouquet you actually ended up with. To summarize it’s similar to a “before” and “after” or “the inspiration” and “the actual day” comparison. Fun huh?
  • Rehearsal photos;
  • Rehearsal dinner photos;
  • Getting ready photos;
  • Invitations;
  • Decor (ceremony programs), venue, wedding band photos;
  • Song list;
  • Your vows
Also, think about the tone of your book – while your “real wedding album” may be more formal, this behind the scenes book can be more fun. Why not add your thoughts in those thought bubbles, or little notes here and there – so you’ll recall why you chose something – what inspired you. For example see the arrow and the note I put on the main photo above – make it fun! This may be where digital scrapbooking clip art and embellishments would make a fun addition to your photo book.
As for me, I’m thinking of ending my book with a photo of me walking down the aisle with my parents and adding a caption with our actual vows (We wrote our own and I highly recommend as it’s probably the most special personalized part of your big day!) That is definitely something I want to remember. I didn’t have any narrative in any of wedding photo books so I think this is one where I’ll focus on that.

If you have lots of photos or ideas, think about making it into a series, many of the above topics can probably merit a photo book of their own. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a multi-volume set? You could make a cover template so they would all look uniform on your bookshelf or coffee table, but they would be separate self-contained books. If you’d rather do one book, then pick your best photos and give each idea a spread or two in the book. The more I write, the more my head gets filled up with more project ideas!

For those of you who were wed years ago, it is never too late to make a wedding album. I have several friends who’ve never made a book. In fact it would make a wonderful holiday gift or anniversary gift!

Hope this helps you when you’re planning your book! Do you have any tips to share? Would love to hear them!




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  1. Carol
    Posted November 16, 2012 at 11:17 pm | #

    I made scrapbooks for both of my girls (one in 2008 and one in 2001) of the “wedding preparations”. I added lots of stickers and some “actual” pieces (ie save the date card, invitation etc). I didn’t even know much about photobooks in 2008! It is a fun memory of all the planning. You just have to remember to bring a camera and use it to all of the events like trying on dresses, tasting food etc!

    • photobookgirl
      Posted November 17, 2012 at 3:03 pm | #

      Lucky daughters you have! I have been the grateful recipient of several traditional scrapbooks over the years – and those I will definitely cherish! I’m trying to get this book going but it’s hard on limited time with a toddler in the house. One reason why I wrote the post was to get a checklist together for myself – I think I’m getting too ambitious though and perhaps should just focus on one event or do the shorter version that I mentioned. Thanks for commenting!

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