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Photo Book Girl Tries Baby Mugging



I first came across the phenomenon that is “baby mugging” on a parenting website I follow called Hellobee. One of the moms posted on it in the forum and several moms tried their hand at it with adorable results.

The idea was started by mommy blogger Iliana Wiles of Mommyshorts.com who took a photo of her 5 month old in a mug and posted it on her blog. Now it’s gone viral and has been featured on the Huffington Post, Today.com. You’ll see lots of funny pics there!

It’s easy to do – basically you take a photo of your baby so it looks like your little one is sitting in your mug. A bit of surrealist photo trickery.

Well, I guess I should admit that it wasn’t as easy as I hoped, cause a toddler just doesn’t sit still. It would be much easier for those babes who aren’t mobile yet!

Here’s my first attempt:

PBG baby mugging

I may try this again when he’s more cooperative. Have you given this a try yet? I’d love to see your baby mugs! Come post on my Facebook page!




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