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New MyPublisher Software



MyPublisher just released a new version of software for the Mac. MyPublisher 3.3 for Mac allows you to use any font or color on your computer in their photo books. I use a Mac and I’m the process of making a few books with them of my honeymoon, so I didn’t want to risk upgrading and possibly messing up the book files. But I will soon and do a review. I don’t believe it’s supposed to be a huge change, but apparently it has a better interface, allows you to check the cost of your book while you’re creating it and has better error checking.

MP also announced a price rollback recently, with lower prices on all of its books. If you’ve never used MP before, there is a buy one get one free offer at www.mypublisher.com.

If you want to see some of my reviews of MP, check out my wedding book post Part I and Part II and another recent review comparing Blurb and Snapfish with MP.




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