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MyPublisher FREE Extra Pages is Back! Plus Giveaway Winners Announced



As you may have heard, MyPublisher is taking its last orders on May 8, 2017. Many of our readers have been writing in to say how disappointed they are to see MyPublisher close. When I heard the news, I asked my contacts at MyPublisher if they would sponsor a final giveaway for our readers AND if they would provide our readers with our favorite deal – FREE extra pages (that’s 70% off)! Thanks to MyPublisher’s generous sponsorship, today we’re announcing the giveaway winners and we’re also excited to announce that the free extra pages deal is back!

First off, let’s get to the winners and what they said they would do with the prize if they won…

The following five lucky winners were drawn at random and will each receive a $100 gift voucher to MyPublisher.

Kristen Coulter
“If I won, I would make my childhood photo I’ve been meaning to do for 5 years. I have tons of photos, so I’ll have several books.”

Helene Rogers
“If I win I will make a book of our trip to Guatamala.”

Pamela Gregan
“I would make a book of my daughter’s life for my granddaughters. It’s been a year now And the little ones need to be able to look at their Momma Angel. Thanks for the chance.”

“If I win I will make a photo book for my parents who will meet me here at US after two years being apart. We will definitely going to visit some places around.”

Robin E (Redrawn)
“I am so sad to hear this about MyPublisher. I’ve printed so many books with them. If I won, I would use the money toward either my South Africa vacation book or my Honeymoon book. Like you, I’ve used MyPublisher for many of my vacation books. The free extra pages is a great deal for a great book.”


“I’d like to convert my old photo albums into photobooks which I love much more so $100 would certainly give my project a boost.”

So happy to help our readers get those final projects off to print! Winners will be getting an e-mail from me to confirm their prizes, so please be sure to check your inboxes!

Thanks to everyone who entered. If your entry wasn’t drawn, do not fret! We have something for you too! I’m so happy to say that my favorite deal (and yours as well) is back for a limited time.

This is probably the best deal they offer if you’re making a large book. With this deal, you should max out your total pages to 100. You pay for 20 pages and get 80 free! A 70% discount!

  • $35 for a Classic Photo Book (with up to 100 pages!)
  • $70 for a Deluxe Photo Book (with up to 100 pages!)

Deal includes photo finish or book jacket or cover option (a $115.19 value for Classic or $229.19 value for Deluxe size). Other paper, printing and cover options and slipcases may be added to the order at full retail price. This offer does not apply to any other photo books, gift certificates, or any other product.


Click on the banner below and enter your email. You will receive a unique code that must be used within 7 days of issuance. If you haven’t made your book yet, you can make your book first and when you’re ready to order, come back and click on the banner then. Just be sure to grab your code and place your order prior to March 31, 2017 April 30, 2017, 11:59pm PT.

Now that I know you’re all taken care of, I can get back to working on my final MyPublisher books!

Happy Photobooking!

Photo Book Girl




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  1. Danijela A.
    Posted March 9, 2017 at 5:38 pm | #

    I’m already a facebook fan! Danijela ALeksov

  2. Michael
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 10:53 pm | #

    I followed the directions to get the coupon code for the free extra pages. I clicked on the banner and was taken to MyPublisher.com where I entered my email address and received a 50% off coupon in my email. I then tried it again using a different email address and got a buy 1 get 1 free coupon. I was looking forward to the free extra pages as it is the best deal. Do you know what’s up?

    • photobookgirl
      Posted April 10, 2017 at 11:26 pm | #

      Hi Mike,

      Hi Mike – yes the link isn’t working now. I think they are winding down and accidentally redirected my link. I have asked them to look into it for me and it’s been sent to the web development side. I hope to have it resolved soon. I want to use the deal too! Hang in there – thanks!

      • dee
        Posted April 18, 2017 at 7:36 am | #

        i, too, want to get my last free-extra-page photobook from mypublisher. i have been a loyal customers (a platinum client), and hate to say good-bye to her. Please let us know the substitute — good paper, good quality and similar price rage.

        thanks! dee

      • Wendi
        Posted April 18, 2017 at 9:23 pm | #

        Hi! Do you know if they are going to fix the link. I am desperately trying to get everything ordered before they close but without some coupon help I can’t afford it. I thought I had more time. Thank you so much!!

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