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MyPublisher Canvas Review Part 2 – Print Quality & Exclusive MyPublisher Coupon Codes



Hi folks! My eagerly anticipated canvas print has arrived! If you want to read Part 1 of my MyPublisher Canvas Print Review for a look at the software and how to make a canvas print, click on the link. As I mentioned in my last post, PhotoBookGirl is branching out to cover canvas reviews as well canvas deals, so I hope you enjoy this new feature on my site!

The concept for this canvas was the monthly photo shoot I took of Photo Book Baby during his first year. I call it “Watch Me Grow” and grow he did! 

Here’s the stats:

Canvas size: 40 x 30 inches (width x height) with 1.5 inch depth
Type: Gallery Wrap
Price: $199.99 (complimentary for review). Check out my to exclusive coupon code to save 50% off on this canvas below!
Ordered/Shipped/Delivered:  Feb 15 / Feb 20 / Feb 21 (overnight shipping)

The idea was to take Photo Book Baby’s picture in the same spot every month and to record his progression. I decided to use his daddy’s cherished blue guitar as a backdrop and kept his clothing very simple, usually a white undershirt and diaper. The first shot we took was when he was a week old shown in the circular frame. It’s so funny how he propped his hand under his chin on his own. What a little poser!

This shows you a close up view so you can see the texture of the canvas.

This shows you a close up view so you can see the texture of the canvas.

As you can see it was much easier when he wasn’t mobile yet to keep the original pose, but surely a challenge as time passed. He was starting to wiggle more at six months and then at nine months refused to stay still so Daddy stepped in to play a tune. Then it was game over from months ten through twelve!

I didn’t stress about him not being posed exactly the same in each shot as I wanted to capture his natural progression and disposition (and once I grabbed the wrong blue guitar – oops! I didn’t even know my husband had two of them!). My husband teases me whether I will make our son do this until he’s 21. Sure, why not? Ha ha… Going forward I plan to do a yearly shot like this up until the point I lose complete cooperation from my subject. (“Aw Mom, do I have to?”)

I did this layout in FotoFusion first and then uploaded the final design into MyPublisher’s online canvas software. I had to increase the border size to about two inches all around to allow enough cushion for the wrapping of the edges.

MyPublisher Canvas Software 2013

I went back and forth about whether to number the photos with the corresponding month but I decided not to. I figured most folks would read it from left to right and then down each row and I felt the numbers might look distracting.


The canvas was provided to me for purposes of review and I was fortunate to get upgraded shipping so I could share this review during my site’s anniversary. The canvas was wrapped in a heavy foam sleeve with cardboard corner protectors. There was a tear in the back of the box, that likely happened in transit, but luckily the canvas was protected and there was no damage to the print. For being so large 40 x 30 inches, the package was only nine pounds.

MyPublisher Shipping Canvas

Print Quality and Canvas Construction

MyPublisher’s standard gallery wrap is 1.5 inches in depth (most companies offer .75″ and 1.5″ depths) so make sure to take note of that when comparing prices. Whether or not you prefer the thicker or thinner depth is a matter of preference. I’ve gotten both widths before (with a different company years ago) and I prefer the thicker one. It looks more substantial on the wall.

The canvas is stretched and stapled over a lightweight wooden frame. Hanging wire comes pre-attached to the back of the canvas and the company provides a fancy looking screw that has a space for the wire to rest. The back is left open which does make the print lighter than the ones where I’ve seen them closed and finished in the back. The finished back is neater in my opinion because you don’t see the staples, but a back panel can add significant weight to the print. I supposed you’re not going to see the back when it’s hung.

MyPublisher How to Hang a Canvas Print

The canvas appears very durable and able to withstand Photo Book Baby pawing at it. (I think it’s drool proof too!) He was quite excited to see such large photos of himself.

MyPublisher Canvas Print

The most important criteria for me is the print quality. This is the first canvas I’ve printed with MyPublisher, so prior to this I only knew of MyPublisher’s photo book, calendar and card quality. The print quality of MyPublisher’s photo books is very good with accurate colors and vibrant reproduction. Similarly, the print quality of my canvas print was very good with colors and brightness, true to the original which is especially important when dealing with skin tones.


MyPublisher’s print quality is very good with accurate reproduction of colors and tones. The software could use an option to have a border print around the wrapped edges instead of only the image itself but for those doing a single image canvas print, that may not be an issue for you. In all, I’m very pleased with my canvas. Now I just have to pick the right spot to hang it!

Interested in making your own MyPublisher canvas? The company has provided Photo Book Girl readers with an exclusive canvas coupon code to give it a shot!

Save 25% off all canvas orders over $50.00.

Save 50% off on all canvas orders over $100.00.


Deal Expires: 4/30/2013 (11:59PM PST)

Also don’t forget the FREE EXTRA PAGES deal!

If you’ve printed with MyPublisher before, you know that this is probably the best deal they offer if you’re wanting to make a large book. It’s about 70% off!

$35 for a Classic Photo Book (with up to 100 pages!)

$70 for a Deluxe Photo Book (with up to 100 pages!)


Deal Expires: 3/1/2013 (11:59pm PST)

This promotion entitles select MyPublisher users to receive a $35 classic photo book including free extra pages and photo finish or book jacket cover option ($115.19 value) OR a $70 deluxe photo book with free extra pages and photo finish or book jacket cover ($229.19 value). Other paper, printing and cover options, and slipcases, may be added to the order at full retail price. This offer does not apply to any other photo books, cards, calendars, scrapbook pages, canvas prints, gift certificates, or any other product.

Have you made a canvas print with MyPublisher or any other company before? Let me know how it turned out!





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  1. David Hernandez
    Posted March 2, 2013 at 8:20 pm | #

    This was a present for my Aunt Josefina Lopez and she loved it .She said it was beautiful and hung it on the wall right away.Thank you for a wonderful job Canvas Daddy.com

  2. Lynn
    Posted March 18, 2013 at 9:16 am | #

    My goal is to travel all 50 US states only have 22 to go. Love your travel book and I used MyPublisher to put together 5 of my states and it came out great. Only problem with MyPublisher is when I use the program it sometimes freezes. Thanks for the great tips on putting together a travel. I your coupon code still available for unlimited pages. Please provide any other tips to make my task simple. Thx

    • photobookgirl
      Posted March 22, 2013 at 2:26 pm | #

      Sounds like a fun goal, I think my father-in-law has only a few states left to go and we’re traveling with him to Alaska this year 🙂 Yes, the exclusive codes are still available and the free extra pages are the best deal in my opinion. All the MyPublisher deals are here.

  3. Tony Beltran
    Posted January 28, 2014 at 2:01 pm | #

    I wanted to do a review for a canvas company but didn’t see it on your site. They’re called Picture It On Canvas. They did a great job and very fast. I found them through Groupon.

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