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Mixbook Calendar Review 2014 + a Special Promo for Photo Book Girl Readers



I can’t believe that 2013 is coming to a close! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and as soon as that passes, the holiday craze is in full swing (if it isn’t already). This year we’re looking forward to spending time with our families – last year we were getting ready to go on our Disney cruise so we missed turkey time, but I did manage to snag a turkey dinner on the ship!

Something that has become a tradition, is a custom calendar that I make for my family each Christmas. It’s a great way to share the photos from the past year and it’s something that gets a lot of viewing since it’s on display year round. I personally anticipate turning the page on the calendar as each month passes and Photo Book Baby loves to point at the photos (especially when they are of him)! It’s a great gift and easy for me as I only have to make two versions (one for my husband’s side of the family and one for mine) and I can order multiple copies and complete my holiday gift list in one fell swoop! Done and done!

For two years running I’ve used Mixbook to make my family’s calendars. This year I asked the folks over at Mixbook about providing a special promo for our readers since I like their calendar product so much. They generously provided me several calendars for purposes of review – plus, I have this awesome deal below for you!

What I like about Mixbook’s calendars is the ability to customize anything you like on the top part and on the calendar grid part. You can freely add photos, text, or embellishments anywhere on the pages – you’re not locked into the grid. I’ve done a little “tutorial” on the image below about all the fun things you can do.

Mixbook promo code 2013

All this ability to customize becomes especially important when you have multiple birthdays in on a single day for instance. (Photo Book Baby’s birthday is shared by 3 other family members!) With other companies, I wasn’t able to fit all the info I needed to in that small box, or the type was so small as to practically become illegible. With Mixbook I can do pretty much anything I want in terms of design so that’s a huge plus for me. My sample above looks a little busy, but I wanted to show you a number of the features available.

PhotoBookGirl Tip: Making more than one version of your calendar? After making the first, use the “Copy” function under the “MyProjects” menu to make a duplicate – you can even change your size. Just plop in the new photos and text and make sure to preview all pages to confirm everything looks good before ordering.

There are lots of attractive pre-made calendar themes – so if you’re looking for an easy and quick gift, just pick one, upload your photos and drag and drop. Mixbook Calendars 2013 - 2014

As with photo books, you also have access to the same huge selection of free stickers and backgrounds and for digital scrapbookers, you can upload your own embellishments.

Mixbook Calendar 2014

The calendars are printed on heavy cardstock and are coil ring bound. They come in three sizes:

11 x 8.5 for $19.99

12 x 12 for $29.99

14 x 11 for $34.99

Now for the good part!

EXCLUSIVE PROMO for Photo Book Girl Readers

Buy One Get One FREE Calendars

When you buy one calendar item, you’ll get the second calendar item of equal or lesser value for FREE! Just add at least two calendars to your cart. They can be two different calendars, different sizes too!

Click Here to get your BOGO Promo Code.

Deal Expires 11/30/2013 (11:59pm PST)


I am an affiliate of Mixbook. The links on these pages go to the company’s site. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a referral fee from the company. Regardless of affiliation my opinions are always my own and I always give my honest opinion.




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  1. Christy
    Posted November 16, 2013 at 7:13 am | #

    I’ve made a photo book with Mixbook and loved it- can’t wait to try their calendars. Thank you for the review and the great deal!

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