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Holiday Mixbook Giveaway Winners Announced!



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Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday! The end of 2018 is nearing and the beginning of a new year is right around the corner. The holidays were quite busy for us as I’m sure was for many of you as well, but I finally got through Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it and I don’t want to leave you hanging!

The two winners drawn at random in our awesome giveaway sponsored by Mixbook are:

Top prize – $100 gift voucher to Mixbook:

Brandy Proppe

2nd prize – $50 gift voucher to Mixbook:

Lisa Katzman

Brandy wrote: “I have followed your webpage since the beginning, before the kids! I create a photobook for each family vacation we take and include all the details my husband expects me to remember (ie: the campsite number, how much that museum cost, what was that great meal we had). Years later, its been at least 10 years now of making those books, I can pull a book down off the shelf and confirm all those details as well as enjoy pics of my kids growing up and the two of us growing older.”

That’s so awesome that you’ve followed us from the beginning! Thanks Brandy! I love your description of what you do with your vacation photo books. I do the same with mine! I love to add details of where and when, visually and with some narrative too. My memory is definitely not as good as it used to be, but with photo books I can always look back and reminisce in detail!

Lisa wrote that if she won: “I would make birthday cards and greeting cards for my friends with photos from the past. I often take a photo at a gathering and then create an amazing thank you note as Mixbook allows you to make just one card.”

Another awesome idea Lisa! You’ll be able to make a bunch of cards with this prize! Just this year I gifted notecards of some of my favorite flower photos for Christmas presents. It was a fun project and I think it went over well!

Brandy and Lisa, please be sure to check your emails for a message from me about how to confirm your prize. You will have 48 hours after I send my email to confirm or I’ll regretfully have to redraw.

For those whose entries were not drawn be sure to check out our awesome end of year deals with Mixbook!

Happy Holidays and thanks for your readership this past year!

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