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Are you looking for an easy and fun way to alter your photos? I happened across a free iPhone App called PhotoFunia which takes the photos you have stored in your library and changes them in creative ways. It’s extremely easy to use – with one click you can insert or merge your photo into a selected effect to create a new fun photograph.  For non iPhone users, no worries – you can go to www.photofunia.com and use the same effects with any photos stored on your computer. What’s more, you can save your newly created photos as jpegs which means you can add that photo to your newest photo book creation.

The really creative effects are the ones that use facial recognition technology.  For example, would you like to know what you look like merged into the famed Mona Lisa?  The facial recognition effects naturally work best if you select a pose that most closely resembles the direction and view of the image in the effect.  So, if the head in the image is facing right, you want to find a photo of someone facing the same direction.  My only disappointment was that the technology couldn’t detect the face of my furry friend.  I wasn’t able to merge the face of my favorite puppy into the Mona Lisa!

Kitties mesmerized by my wedding photo book - created with Photofunia.com




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    Love the new blog, and also love the layout! Very easy on the eyes… can’t wait for the launch of your new product!

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