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Happy Lunar New Year – The Year of the Horse



Happy Lunar New Year!

red envelopes chinese new year

For the first time I made cards celebrating Chinese New Year featuring my favorite little guy, Photo Book Baby. Although I don’t think that sending new year’s cards is quite as common in countries that celebrate the lunar new year (in the way that we send Christmas cards) several of the photo book companies that also print cards are now offering designs for more unique holidays. (Though arguably a holiday celebrated by a billion plus is not necessarily “unique” – haha.)

The closest thing to “card exchanging” would be the tradition of elder relatives giving red envelopes (hong bao) with money to the younger generation. According to tradition, the color red symbolizes good luck and vitality. The red envelopes are also supposed to ward off evil spirits. (Unfortunately, now that I’m married and have a child, I don’t get a red envelope anymore – but I had my share and now Photo Book Baby has many years of looking forward to them and plenty of doting family around to spoil him!)

I happened to have a free credit for TinyPrints that came to me in a email newsletter and I thought I might make valentines like I did last year, but when I saw that Chinese New Year designs were available, I jumped on the opportunity to try something I hadn’t before. I thought they would make for a nice thank you card for the relatives who may be giving Photo Book Baby a hong bao.

Photo Book Baby Chinese-New-Year-card

Besides TinyPrints, the sites I’ve seen with Chinese New Year cards are Snapfish, Shutterfly, Photobook AmericaPaper Culture, Purple Trail, Zazzle and Minted. So there are a lot to choose from nowadays versus just a couple years ago. Options for other holidays and events are also getting more diverse. There’s Thanksgiving cards (which like Chinese New Year cards, I didn’t even know were available until recently), and Quinceanera invitations as well.

For those of you who love to read your horoscope, here’s your predictions for the Year of the Horse. (By the way, if your birthday falls in January or February be sure to check this Wikipedia page which has the exact dates of the lunar calendar so you can make sure you have the right animal sign. You may go through life thinking you’re one sign when in fact you’re actually another!)

Looking forward to a wonderful Year of the Horse!

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