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Q&A: MyPublisher is Closed – Where Should I Print My Photo Books? A Comparison of MyPublisher and Shutterfly

So, how does Shutterfly’s standard lay flat books compare to MyPublisher’s. Check out this post for a firsthand look!


PBG Reader Alert: TinyPrints Moving to Shutterfly June 27, 2017

If you have any current projects on TinyPrints, you’ll need to finish them by June 27th! Check out our fast facts and TinyPrints Q&A.


Best Photo Book Tips for Beginners

This is my first new post of the year! Happy 2015! It’s been nearly five years since I started this blog, and from the beginning, I’ve …


Photo Book Girl’s Top 7 Tips on Journaling (Plus a Flash Giveaway ENDED!)

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How Should I Backup My Photos? Part IV – Photo Book Girl’s Plan B

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How Should I Backup My Photos? Part III – The Cloud Online File Storage

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How Should I Backup My Photos? Photo Sharing Sites – Part II

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How Should I Backup My Photos? Hard Drives and DVDs – Part I

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Q&A: Roadmap To Catching Up on Your Photo Book Projects

I receive inquiries every day about photo books and I thought I’d share this one with you. It’s a question I get often with variations …


What To Do When Things Don’t Go Right – Photo Book Troubleshooting

PhotoBookGirl’s tips to getting photo book printing issues resolved!