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Can You Find Disney’s Hidden Mickeys?



In the past two years I’ve done more Disney vacations (and definitely more viewing of Disney Junior) than I’ve done in my entire life. When my brother and I were kids, we went to both Disneyland and Disney world only once. At that time there was only Epcot Center, but now there’s so many attractions and different resorts at Disney World – it makes me tired just to think of it!

If you’re a Disney fan, you may have heard of the phenomena of the “Hidden Mickey”. Essentially the story is that the Imagineers (the folks that design the Disney theme parks) hide Mickey’s famous triple circle shape into the facades of buildings, architectural elements, floors, murals etc. The tri-circle shape is known as the classic Hidden Mickey. Other types are his whole silhouette, or just parts of his body like his hands. It’s become a game for many Disney visitors to see if they can hunt down the hidden Mickeys. There’s even a website – Hidden Mickey Guy where you can view other folks finds and also upload your own. I was excited to see that some of the ones I found weren’t posted. Maybe I should add mine?

These photos are from my own trips. The cruise ones are from the Disney Fantasy cruise we took last year and the parks ones are from Disney California Adventure this past September. It wasn’t until going to Disneyland and California Adventure did I try to keep my eye out for them. In fact the ones from the ship were all spotted afterwards when I checked my photos to see if I’d gotten any by chance.

Okay, before you can be a Mickey hunter, you need to learn the ropes. These next two are not “Hidden Mickeys”.


Mickey waffles on the Fantasy! This does not qualify as a Hidden Mickey.

Disney Wonder “Obvious Mickey”

The rest may be a little more trickier to discern. Some are easier than others and in some cases there are more than one per photo. Try your hand at it!




Disney Fantasy Hidden Mickey

Okay, taking you in a little closer cause I think it may be hard to see otherwise.






Disney California Adventure Hidden Mickey

Again zooming in so you can catch more details…


I’ve been seeing a lot of messages and comments about folks making photo books of Disney trips. I’m almost done with the one of the Fantasy from last fall. I made one for our friends who we joined for the cruise, but not one for us yet. I’m also behind on the Alaska cruise we took this summer and the trip to Anaheim. But it’s been fun making them.

Photo Book Girl Tip: If you have some Hidden Mickey photos, why not add a “Find the Hidden Mickey” page in your photo book? Just lay them out on a spread and encourage folks to find them!

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Did you find all of them? Here’s the answers!

Hidden Mickey Answer Key Titled

hidden Mickey key 2 title




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