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Q&A: Roadmap To Catching Up on Your Photo Book Projects

I receive inquiries every day about photo books and I thought I’d share this one with you. It’s a question I get often with variations …


Disney Cruise Photo Tip #2: Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Shutters Photo Package

Been on or thinking of going on a Disney cruise? Check out my best tips for maximizing an onboard photo package.


Google RSS Reader’s End is Near – Alternatives for Receiving RSS Feeds from Photo Book Girl

Just a quick post to thank all the readers of this blog who subscribe to RSS and to let you know of an upcoming change. …


Essential Photography Gear for an Alaskan Cruise

Some photography tips on what to bring on an Alaskan cruise plus take a peek at one of our most scenic states!


Photo Book Companies Go Yearbook

Where’s the best place to print a yearbook? I’ve been asked this question pretty frequently by my readers and finally I’ve done a bit of research …