About Photo Book Girl

Photography has always been a favorite pastime for me. Throughout the years I’ve taken classes and even worked in high school for a short time as a children’s portrait photographer (albeit at the mall…) My friends laugh because I always have a camera on me. I don’t shoot with anything special, just a convenient point-and-shoot camera, but maybe I’ll look into a DSLR sometime soon. Lately, it’s been underwater photography that has caught my attention after having rented an underwater camera on my honeymoon to capture the amazing sights of the Great Barrier Reef. I caught the underwater photography bug so we recently purchased the Canon PowerShot D10 and had our first run with it this past January 2010. The photo above is my crazy attempt at an underwater self-portrait!

This blog is about my experiences with a specific product of photography – photo books. Before photo books, I was an avid scrapbooker, often making books to give as presents filled with photos, ticket stubs, and other bits and pieces of paper that only someone with slight pack rat tendencies would keep. I’ve always enjoyed making personalized gifts and preserving memories, and through the years it’s been nice when friends mention looking back through one of my old creations. That’s what’s great about making a personalized gift for someone such as a photo book – it’s something they will always keep and always remember. You can’t say that for a lot of other gifts. This site is about sharing ideas and tips on photo book making and navigating through the ever increasing number of photo book companies out there, each with their own software and spin on the process. I will be reviewing printers that I’ve used before, comparing them to new ones, sharing tips for designing better books, as well as posting photo book deals. The images you see on my site are of actual books that I’ve personally made with each company so you can preview the real thing! I welcome any comments and suggestions for my site.

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Update: 8/25/2010 – I took the plunge and am the proud owner of a new DSLR. Check out this post if you want to read more “About Me”, my gear, and my journey through the world of photography.

Update: 8/6/2011 – I’m a MOM!