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Update: In 2012, Ritz Camera closed most of its stores amidst the company's filing for bankruptcy. RitzPix.com is still operating and some of its photo book products can still be picked up in store, however due to store closures, this isn't an option of which many can take advantage.

RitzPix was launched in 2003 by Ritz Camera, a well-known photofinishing company with more than 1000 retail locations in the U.S. Ritz Camera itself dates its origins to 1918 with founder Benjamin Ritz’s first portrait studio on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Due to their numerous retail locations, RitzPix is one of the few photo book publishers that can provide you with a photo book in 1 hour. In addition to photo books, you can order prints, calendars, cards, scrapbook pages, baby bibs, boxer shorts and even personalized candy such as cookies, brownies, Oreos and Rice Krispie treats with your photo on them.

You upload your photos and create your book online. RitzPix’s layouts are fully customizable. Among their new offerings includes a premium line with a lay flat option. So, unlike some books where you may lose some of the image in the gutter or center of the page, with a lay flat binding you don’t have that issue (or much less of an issue). Plus, the book will stay open without holding the pages down - a nice bonus feature. RitzPix also offers one of the smallest hardcover photo books on the market at 4x4 inches.

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