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PLEASE NOTE: Sometime earlier this year in 2011, Pixable stopped printing photo books and now appears to be concentrating on online albums. Therefore all information on this company below is inactive and we've removed it from the database. If you bought a Groupon that has not yet expired, I would suggest contacting Groupon or the company to obtain a refund.

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Pixable was started by three MIT students in 2008 and is headquartered in New York.

Pixable says you can create a photo book in less than 5 minutes from your photos on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug or on your computer, instead of the 3 hours normally needed to create a photo book. I spent way more than 5 minutes doing my Pixable book, but I suppose you could do it in 5 minutes if you wanted to.

Pixable’s software is online and since it’s integrated with Facebook, it allows you to choose from the outset who can view your photo book. Those familiar with Facebook will be used to choosing privacy settings - “Only Me”, “My Facebook Friends”, “Selected Friends” or “Everyone”.

You can even use photos from a friend’s Facebook page (assuming his/her privacy settings on Facebook allow friends to access photos). You may be surprised that a Facebook friend can access your photos – and I’m unsure which setting on Facebook needs to be modified if you don’t want someone to access your photos without your knowledge but that is something to note. On the flip side, if you’re interested in enlisting a friend to create a photo book together you can add “contributors” from your friends’ list for a collaborative project. So, Pixable offers another easy way to either share your photo book creations online, or get those Facebook photos off your computer and into your hands.

Pixable has a simple, easy to use interface and layouts are fully customizable. If you’re a NEW user you can get a FREE photo book. The free book is an 8 x 5.5, 16-page softcover photo book (you pay $2.99 for shipping) so try it for yourself! The free softcover is printed on a high gloss cover paper and is stapled in the center.

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