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PLEASE NOTE: INKUBOOK (a/k/a SnapMyLife Creations) is now closed. An email was sent out in advance to those who signed up for an account, but to my knowledge unfortunately old books can no longer be accessed.

Inkubook was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company is associated with Author Solutions - which is "the world's leading self-publisher (publishing 1 of every 17 books)" according to Inkubook's site.

Inkubook's book building tools are online, but using the software does require a download of a free program called Microsoft Silverlight. The software works on both PC and Mac (but not PowerPC Macs).

The software offers approximately 250 templates. The templates cannot be altered - making the software most similar to companies such as Snapfish and Shutterfly (in contrast to companies that allow for full customization of layouts such as Picaboo and Mixbook for example). UPDATE 4/19/2012 - Inkubook's software now allows for customizable layouts.

The book making process starts with uploading your photos. You then select the number of photos you want to place on any given page and then select a pre-designed template (or make your own) and then drag and drop your photos into the template.

Inkubook is also one of the few photo book companies that allows for collaboration. You can invite friends to work on the book with you so they can upload their photos into your project. I haven't tried Inkubook's collaboration process before, but it doesn't appear that friends can actually work on the book itself - only contribute photos and text. The person that invites other contributors retains control over what to include or not include in the project.

Inkubook prints a small logo on the back cover of your book, but you can contact the company to ask them to remove the logo at no charge.

There are 5 different sizes in hardcover and softcover options, totaling 8 different possible options. Landscape, square and portrait books are available. Click this link to see Inkubook's photo book options and prices.

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