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Further, I will specifically note in any review post where relevant if I have been provided with a free product or a discount on that product in order to try that product. Periodically, I also host giveaways for which a company will provide a prize or product for my readers. I may also charge the company a fee for my time to administer the promotion.

Note that irrespective of the above disclosures, many of the products and companies reviewed here have been done on my own dime without any request from the company or any compensation whatsoever. Although some companies appear on the site because I’ve been asked to review their company or product, I typically review companies and products that I personally find interesting or attractive, without any communication with the company. Companies making a request for review should note that an honest review (good or bad) shall be given regardless of compensation.

Above all, be assured that I am giving my honest opinion, as my goal is to provide the best and most useful information to my readers. If my reviews and your comments help make products better, then we all benefit.


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