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What’s Hot for Mother’s Day 2013 – Custom Photo Gift Ideas



If you enjoy reading my blog, you should send my mom a mother’s day gift.

You may have read elsewhere on my site that Mom is the reason I got into photo books in the first place, so without her, there would be no Photobookgirl.com! My mom isn’t into computers and she’s not on Facebook (thankfully). I couldn’t share photos with her or email her pics so about 8 years ago I researched how to get my photos into printed form and stumbled upon photo books. The rest is history.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th.

It’s no secret that my favorite Mother’s Day gift idea is a photo book. If you’re looking for some ideas for possible themes, check out my earlier post on unique photo books for mom. Brag books, kids’ artwork, year in review etc. are all great topics for a Mother’s Day photo book.

Want to see what I made for my mom? Check out the photo book I made for her for Mother’s Day 2011. I gave her a family history book full of her old photos and written in fairy tale form.

If you’re looking for a quick but stylish photo book with drag and drop ease, check out some of my favorites below. I like to make the rounds to survey new or relevant themes and here’s my picks of the latest…

Hello Spring theme from Shutterfly.

Hello Spring theme from Shutterfly.

Familygram theme from Shutterfly

Familygram theme from Shutterfly

Handmade for Mom by Shutterfly

Handmade for Mom by Shutterfly

Mother's Day Florals by Mixbook

Mother’s Day Florals by Mixbook

Bold Mother's Day Florals theme from Mixbook.

Bold Mother’s Day Florals theme from Mixbook.

Mom-isms by Mixbook.

Mom-isms by Mixbook.

If you decide to make one of these lovely books or a similar theme like the ones above, you just upload your photos and then drag and drop into the pre-designed pages. You can still modify the layout, remove clip art or add embellishments to your liking. My main point is that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming to make a customized gift!

If you’d like some other options other than photo books, check out my custom photo gifts page for my TOP TWELVE PERSONALIZED GIFTS.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any gift you make for mom – remember that unidentifiable thingamajig you made her for Mother’s Day 1993? She loved it and said it was a work of art didn’t she? 🙂 Happy Photobooking!


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