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Q&A: Running Out of Hard Drive Space When Making Photo Books



Hello there!  It’s time for another Q&A today!  From time to time I ask our readers if they would mind me posting our e-mail exchanges if I’ve seen the question pop up a lot lately, or if I think it’s a conversation from which other readers can benefit.

This question refers to MyPublisher specifically, but may be good to keep in mind when making any books that are saved on your hard drive.

Wendy asks:

Hello Photo Book Girl.  Thank you for your exhaustive coverage of so many photo book companies!  Is there any chance that you have a chart somewhere showing which companies allow you to work & save online vs. downloading the program to work?  I’m asking because I tried to do the My Publisher deal that expired in the past day or two, but had to give up because the program kept freezing up.  The savings wasn’t worth the frustration!  I’m thinking that had to do with me trying to run about 300 photos in the program and not having enough computer space.  Any input on that?  I read on one of your reviews that it doesn’t have to open the large version of the picture, which one was that again?
Thank you,


Hi Wendy,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with MyPublisher. Yes, that company’s software is a space hog. You really have to clear out a good amount of space on your computer’s hard drive before trying to do a book with them. I normally try to have a few GB of space open at a minimum (usually 5 or 6GB) and I normally have about 300 photos in my books too. If you have any other old book files etc., you’ll want to export the files (through the program itself – see image above) and save them on an external drive, before you delete them off your computer, but note that MyPublisher is very finicky if you want to import the book back and rework an old book file. They get corrupted easily so you may not want to do that with any book file you may want to go back and work on. If you don’t intend to do anything with it, then that shouldn’t be an issue and remember that all your purchased books remain in your online bookshelf account so you can reorder them at any time without reuploading.

With that said, if you’ve used my Photobook Software Wizard before – you can select the companies that have software that are either online or downloaded and also sort through a number of other features. It’s a fun tool I think…

You asked about which company uploads a smaller version to start – that would be Picaboo – so you can start working right away (but that is downloaded software too). Technically MyPublisher does too, but I think your problem has to do with hard drive space perhaps rather than whether the software works online or downloaded.

The best thing to do is clear space out of your hard drive and then I suggest uploading your photos in batches if that works for your project.


Also a side note about MyPublisher and sale expiration dates in general – recently there was a $35 flat rate deal for their Classic photo books (up to 100 pages for $35!) and some readers were scrambling to finish their books by the promo deadline.  If for some reason you’re in that situation and time is ticking (who hasn’t been there!) give customer service a call, e-mail or jump on chat and ask for an extension.  In my experience, it will work more times than not and it doesn’t hurt to ask.  A number of Photobookgirl Facebook fans were talking about how happy they were to get extensions on the last deal! For the latest deals – check out my photo book Deals page!




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  1. Laura King
    Posted March 7, 2011 at 12:22 pm | #

    Very good info…good to know hopefully my computer will stop doing the same thing!

  2. Posted July 9, 2011 at 9:44 am | #

    Hi, PBG and Laura, sorry this is months behind, but I have had an enormous amount of trouble with MyPublisher, but I like their books and wanted to keep trying. It got ridiculous, to the point where one of the tech support people implied I should go elsewhere.
    But: I think I have figured out one or two things that might help when mysterious things happen with their software, at least on a Mac like mine.
    I have 35,000 photos in Lightroom 3 and have thousands more to catalog.
    For some reason, several versions of the MyPublisher software appeared on my mac and were collecting all 35,000 photos all at the same time, although I had made a file folder with just the pictures I had chosen for that particular book, which seems to help even when companies say you can browse for your pics.
    Of course that meant that my computer was incredibly slow and occaisionally just hanging.
    A nice person at MyPublisher – and they really do have a lot of nice people – couldn’t figure out how to stop it.
    I got out of the making book part of their software out of desperation just because it WOULD NOT STOP and into a different section of the software, and then it stopped.
    Then I went in and deleted all the copies that were for some reason on my Mac of their software.
    Then I downloaded a fresh copy.
    Now I am trying a folder on my desktop which someone there at one point suggested.
    It seems like it might be working now, but it’s been a huge hassle and extremely time-consuming.
    However, if you have a Mac, check if these things are happening and try these little fixes.
    Also if you use Lightroom 3, it is very persnickety and it is a good idea to have Victoria Bamptons book “Adobe Lightroom 3 – The Missing FAQ’s”.
    Again, thanks for the tech help, PBG!
    Barbara R.

  3. Posted June 6, 2012 at 5:26 am | #

    Nay, this company (MP) did not extend mine. I’m bad with photobook deadlines and ive asked A&i and blurb for extensions and those guys were really nice enough to extend for me. The MP incident happened recently and since i bought around Feb12 and counted 90 days, i thought the expiry would be PAST May 12. When I called them around mid May, it was a no go. it was a $10 for $20 deal so i didn’t put up a fight. Still, that should say a lot for MyPublishers customer service. AND their crappy interface (i also was having a hard time customizing)

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