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Q&A: Can I Buy More than One Picaboo Groupon?




Since numerous questions on this topic have been posted to my Facebook fan page, I thought I’d repost my response here.  (If you’re not a Facebook Fan – please “Like” the page! We have lots of discussions and fun over there, so join in!)

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Q: Can I Buy More than One Picaboo Groupon?

A:  (b/t/w although you can buy the Picaboo Groupon in any city, I recommend U.S. residents stick to U.S. city Groupons and Canadians, Canadian Groupons).

The details say you can only buy one.  But to clarify, there were three different versions of the Picaboo Groupon:  $25 for $100; $25 for $75 and $35 for $100.

Since they were considered three different deals, the Groupon moderator stated that you weren’t restricted to buy only one of them, but one of each is okay.  As of late, the only one available now is the $35 for $100 one, so if you’re asking if you can buy more than one of the $35 for $100 Groupon, as it pops up across different cities, Groupon has asked on the honor system, that you only buy one.

One woman asked on the discussion board, if it was a limit of one per household. She asked if her husband could buy his own Picaboo Groupon.  The moderator said if her husband had his own Groupon/Picaboo account, that yes he could.

Folks have been asking this question frequently, so I decided to post it as a note so that it’s here and accessible in future.  Although I do my best to make sure information is updated and correct, I cannot guarantee another company’s policies, and those may change over time (as they always reserve the right to to do so) so please read the fine print and ask Groupon and Picaboo directly to confirm – I am only relaying what was stated by the moderators on the Picaboo Groupon discussion wall.

As for me, I have bought the original $25 for $100 deal (the first one that I believe appeared) and the $35 for $100 deal.  So just one of each.

Remember that we’re only talking about Picaboo Groupons here – different companies have different terms and limitations.  As you probably know Photobook America/Canada has no limit – buy as many as you like, but use only 1 per order.  I have 4 myself 🙂

Typically, regardless of company you cannot combine Groupons with other offers/promo codes and you can only order either 1 book per order or multiple copies of the same book in a single order (not two different books for example).  There are differences across companies whether all of the Groupon’s value must be used at once, or whether the remainder can be saved and used later.  Please check on all these details before buying and when in doubt, email or chat with the company directly – I think you’ll get a more definitive answer than trying to post a question on the Groupon discussion board.

Hope that helps!


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  1. Gwen
    Posted March 22, 2011 at 5:57 pm | #

    Okay you’ll probably think I’m a moron but do you mean I can only purchase one of the $35 for $100 version ever?

    • photobookgirl
      Posted March 22, 2011 at 8:49 pm | #

      No I don’t think it’s a moronic question 🙂 One Picaboo Groupon per customer is the company’s stated policy…

      • Lorraine Loretz
        Posted March 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm | #

        I was confused about this too. I just had a chat with ‘Nelson’ at Picaboo, and here is what he said:
        Lorraine: My understanding is that a person can only buy one groupon from that particular groupon sale (i.e. Boston in November). Is that correct?
        Nelson: Yes, that is correct, however the actual terms are set entirely by groupon.com rather than us. Therefore if their terms state you can only buy one Groupon, that would be the case. Our system also only supports one Groupon per order, so you cannot use more than one each time you place an order.
        Lorraine: OK. It is unclear though, since I bought a second groupon on another date and city, if Picaboo will honor that one. Groupon does not specifically address this issue.
        Nelson: I see. What I can tell you for sure is that as long as you have a Groupon number, we will honor it. However no matter what we do it is only possible to use one Groupon per order. In regards to actually purchasing more than one Groupon code, that is done on groupon’s website so I cannot say for sure if it would be possible.

        So . . . it looks like the restriction is for one Groupon per order, not one Groupon lifetime. Your thoughts?

        • photobookgirl
          Posted March 26, 2011 at 2:38 am | #

          Hi Lorraine,

          I can’t recall if it was Picaboo or a different company, but I received a similar answer after asking a similar question. The company said it was Groupon setting the rules. Groupon said it was the company setting the rules. So, it’s “he said she said”. As long as the company has said that they will honor the Groupon code regardless of how many you have bought from various cities – then you have your answer. Regardless, I always encourage folks to address specific questions to the company as the company in my opinion would be the final word on the matter, as they are the website on which you are making the book. If you note what I wrote in the post however, I never said that you could buy only one, I said that Groupon on the honor system (their words, not mine) asks that you buy only one. It’s up to you and if the company said they would honor it – then if you want, go crazy and have fun!

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