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Photobookgirl Goes To Apple HQ



Just a couple days ago, the hubs and I were invited to have lunch at Apple’s headquarters in sunny Cupertino, California.  We happened to be visiting the bay area to attend a family wedding and we decided to stay a few more days to catch up with our good friends.  It happens that one of my husband’s good friends “P” works there and of course P has nothing better to do than to give us a tour of the company (that gets most of my hard earned money)!

We got there just before noon, having navigated the highways using the hubs’ new iPad (of course).  It was prime time for lunch which meant that most everyone was grabbing lunch at Caffe Mac – the name for the Apple employees’ cafeteria.  This is not your normal workplace lunchroom, but you weren’t expecting it to be, right?  Fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, two made-to-order pizza stations, a vegetarian Indian station, grilled fish, wraps, salad bar, ice cream, desserts, pasta station and even tempura and sushi – all organic.  It reminded me a lot of Whole Foods!  After surveying the options, I ended up getting the spicy Thai chicken and shrimp tacos with basil fried rice and bean sprout and cabbage slaw.  The guys ended up getting pizzas.  While waiting in line, I couldn’t resist “checking in” on the Facebook app on my iPhone.  I’ve never used the “Places” function on Facebook before but I thought it was the least I could do – to use my iPhone to its highest and best use.  Apparently 761 other folks also “checked in” at Apple HQ as well!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of Caffe Mac, but you can use your imagination 🙂

Over lunch we caught up as we hadn’t seen P since our wedding and not surprisingly, the conversation turned to Aperture, iPhoto and photo books.  I was excited to send P the link to my Aperture 3 photo book review.  I had wondered if anyone at Apple happened to find and read my review – at least I know P checked it out!

Apple Aperture 3 Photo Book & Software Review - Cover

After lunch we walked over to the main lobby where a massive wall of Mac monitors were displayed like an art installation, featuring small cubes of colored blocks dropping from the top to the bottom of the screens – very Tetris-esque.

See that S2 in the center of the screen? It's the Word Scramble app - which the hubs and I play pretty often...It's educational...

When the screens fill up to the top, the apps start dropping and the process restarts. Here they go...

At first glance it just seemed like a cool high tech art display, but that would be too simple wouldn’t it?

Apparently, it tracks the top apps as they are downloaded from the App Store!

PHOTO BOOK TIP: If you’re like me, when you’re on a trip, it’s so easy to forget the name of the location or object you’ve snapped a photo of.  That can make adding captions to go along with your images a bit hard.  I often take snapshots of the descriptive signs like the one above, that are posted at various tourist locations or national parks and the like, so I don’t have to rely on my memory!

P then brought us to the Company Store where we picked up, what else?  More Apple stuff!  A new MacBook battery, Magic Mouse and shirt for him and an Apple T for her.  The Company Store is open to the public by the way and is the only store to sell Apple branded mugs, t-shirts, baby clothes, keychains and the like.

Ubiquitous white bag in hand – we thanked P for a fun lunch.

Got the goods!

We had just enough time before my flight to make a stop to what else…

Visiting Apple HQ made me reminisce about all the Apple stuff I’ve bought over the years.  I found this awesome graphic created by Edwin Tolfsie.

Click on the image to go to Edwin’s blog to see a larger version.




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  1. Posted October 16, 2010 at 11:51 am | #

    What a fun place to visit!

  2. Charlene
    Posted October 16, 2010 at 3:13 pm | #

    Wow! Thanks for showing I’d that!

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