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Photo Book Girl Goes on a Hanging Marathon – Ideas on Decorating With Photos



As Photo Book Girl, I’m constantly encouraging everyone to get those photos off their hard drives and phones and into something physical that can be enjoyed and shared without plugging in. Finally these past two weeks, after about one year of being in our new home, I overcame my anxiety of figuring out the “perfect spot” to display everything and went on a “hanging marathon”.

My “Watch Me Grow” project is finally complete! For each of my little guys, I took a photo each month during their first year in the same spot. More details on how I put together these canvases here.


I pulled out my trusty measuring tape, hammer, level and miscellaneous nails and hooks and got to work unwrapping frame after frame of my kids’ photos, canvas prints and other artwork I had amassed. Yes, amassed may seem like an exaggeration but over the years I somehow have “amassed” a small art gallery of work to hang on the walls. My hubby made the mistake of coming to talk to me while I was in the middle of hanging some large pieces and of course I drafted him to help. I said to my hubby, “Isn’t it great that I’m finally getting these things displayed?”

“I thought they were being displayed.” was his reply.

“Sitting on that ledge in the basement hallway of the old house was not a proper display. Half of those photos were still in shrink wrap!” Thank goodness I’m the aesthetic eye in the family or who knows what kind of decor we’d have! (Now I’m not trying to peg this solely on the husbands or the males of the world – I have plenty of guy friends who are the art lovers and photographers in their households.) Anyway, those pictures had just sat there despite my best intentions, cause for some reason, my husband and I can only move when I’ve been very pregnant or have had a newborn. Hanging pictures is a distant second to getting sleep, and so they sat gathering dust.

I knew I had to appeal to his practical nature to get some sort of affirmation for my hard labor. I added, “Well at least anything that I’m finally getting up on the walls is not taking up space on the floor.”

Okay, still no pat on the back, but I know he’s secretly relieved that I’m clearing out a good number of our moving boxes – finally.

My artwork is not museum quality, but it’s my own personal art collection – whether gathered while treasure hunting in the maze of the open air flea markets of Asia (sounds romantic doesn’t it?) or sent to print on canvas, wood or paper from the comfort of my desk. A lot of my “artwork” are photos of our family and especially of my two little guys. I also especially like printing my favorite photos onto canvas. It’s relatively lightweight and ready to hang. No need to hunt around for an appropriate frame.

Pulling my pictures out of dusty bags and unwrapping them after being put away for so long – made me smile and think back to when the photo was taken, or in the case of artwork I’d bought, how I had happened across it. It’s a wonderful walk down memory lane every time I pass by. It may sound cliche, but displaying our personal photos and art, really makes our house a home. (This collection of three photos below are printed on wood.)

So how many pieces did I hang? Twenty-six and counting! It’s crazy isn’t it? And that’s not including the three mirrors I hung! Oh, and of course I can’t forget to mention my 2017 calendars chock full of photos from the prior year!

So, my challenge to you is to go and pull out a photo or piece of art that you’ve had squirreled away somewhere and display it. I know at a minimum you have a framed 5 x 7 photo somewhere. If you don’t, pick one or two of your favorite photos that have been stuck your phone and get it printed. Let it breathe again and allow yourself and everyone else to enjoy it! The new year is a great time to take stock of the past year’s photos and there’s tons of great deals on prints of all kinds on all sorts of media. If I can get 26 pictures off the floor and out of boxes, you can surely display one!

Happy Photo Displaying!




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