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Hope my U.S. readers had a great 4th of July weekend and that everyone is enjoying warmer weather!  As promised on my Facebook page, I’m happy to bring you another giveaway!

MyPublisher is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for U.S. and Canadian residents!

TEN (10) very lucky Photobookgirl.com readers will be randomly drawn to win one (1):

20-page Classic Hardcover Book (11.25×8.75) with linen cover and FREE SUPER GLOSS upgrade

A total of approximately $400.00 in prizes!

The company’s free design software, downloaded from the MyPublisher site, is easy to use. PC users can customize layouts while the Mac software doesn’t offer customizable layouts, but hundreds of templates are available.  You can use any background color and any font as well.  For those who have their own design software, you can upload finished layouts and jpegs with no issue. If you want to make a quick book, use MyPublisher’s Simple Publisher and make your book in minutes. It will automatically arrange your photos chronologically, but will still allow you to make edits.

I recently tried out the company’s latest upgraded paper offering – the super gloss paper.  I know a number of readers were wondering about this new paper option, so check out my review below and enter to win so you can try it for yourself!

MyPublisher Super Gloss Printing Review

MyPublisher wasn’t exaggerating when it named it’s newest paper upgrade, “super gloss” – it’s the glossiest paper I’ve seen from any book company I’ve reviewed – much like a high gloss photograph.  Back in the day when folks brought in their rolls of film to the local drugstore or their favorite photo finishing service, you would normally have a choice of “matte” or “gloss” finish.  MyPublisher’s super gloss paper is much like the glossy option and then some.  The surface is not only glossy, but appears laminated – which is described on the site as a “glistening protective surface”.  The super gloss printing is also supposed to result in richer and more vibrant colors and sharper and clearer images.

Some of you may have first read about my honeymoon photo book which I split into a series of two large Deluxe photo books.  My first book was printed in the 182 lb. cover stock that comes standard with the Deluxe size book and the second book I tried the super gloss upgrade.  I thought it would make for a good comparison.

Specifications for Honeymoon Book #1:

Book size: 15 x 11.5 (width x height)
Cover: Deluxe Hardcover – Black Leather
Pages: 99 (double-sided), 182 lb. cover stock
Binding: Case bound
Price: $246.96 (complimentary shipping)Total: $246.96
Ordered/Shipped/Received: Aug 13 / Aug 17 / Aug 19

Honeymoon photo book

Specifications for Honeymoon Book #2:

Book size: 15 x 11.5 (width x height)
Cover: Deluxe Hardcover – Black Leather
Pages: 95 (double-sided), Super Gloss upgrade
Binding: Case bound
Price: $239.00 Leather Deluxe with 95 pages+$40.00 Super Gloss upgrade$279.00 Subtotal

($139.05 promo discount)

+$10.99 Shipping

Total: $150.94

Ordered/Shipped/Received: Jun 1 / Jun 8 / Jun 14

Super Gloss book

There is no difference in the cover image from one book to the other, but the inside pages are definitely different.  I would agree that the colors are more vibrant and the blacks in particular are deeper and richer with the super gloss paper.  The super gloss pages are very, very highly reflective and are susceptible to fingerprints (but they wipe off easily).  The paper has more flex than the 182 lb. Deluxe paper and the super gloss pages tend to stick to each other.  You’ll hear a sound when you flip the pages.  I think it was more evident given the very large page size of the book I printed.  Here’s some images of the book.  I had this map in the front of both books showing where we traveled during our honeymoon adventure:


It's hard to tell, but the black is deeper in the super gloss (top). You'll notice the light reflecting off the top page.

The high sheen is really evident in this photo. Notice at left how mirror-like the finish is - my fingers are reflected in the paper.

Great Barrier Reef

The photos I took of the Great Barrier Reef (my first time shooting underwater) look particularly vivid on the super gloss paper.

MyPublisher has always delivered excellent print quality, and it’s no different with the super gloss paper.  The detail in the coral is very sharp.


I'm a Hobbit!


MyPublisher’s super gloss paper definitely reproduces the look of a high gloss photograph.  Whether you should opt for it, is a matter of taste and subject matter. Currently the special introductory price of $10.00 flat for a Classic book and $20.00 flat for a Deluxe book is worth a try if you like the way the images above look.  I have seen it at $20.00 and $40.00 respectively (it was $40.00 when I ordered my book about a month ago) so I don’t know how long the discounted pricing will last.

Click on the link if you’re interested in seeing my other MyPublisher reviews including reviews of the lay flat option and photo finish cover (scroll down to “MyPublisher Reviews from the Blog”).



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Make sure to do the REQUIRED ENTRY!

This giveaway is open to anyone 18 or older. Void where prohibited. Void in Quebec. Entries must be received by Tuesday, July 12, 2011, at 11:59pm CST and any entries not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified at our sole discretion and at the discretion of the sponsor. Winning entry will be chosen using Random.org. After compiling the results, I will announce the winner thereafter and will email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or I will redraw another entry. Canadian winners may be asked to answer a skill question to be eligible, to comply with Canadian laws. Winners will be issued a voucher and will have approximately one (1) month to make and order book.  Winner pays for shipping.  Shipping varies by location – see MyPublisher site for details.  Disclosure: I am an affiliate of MyPublisher. If you click on a link to MyPublisher’s site and make a purchase, I receive a referral fee from the company. Regardless of compensation my opinions are my own.  I paid for this book out of pocket.

Thank you to MyPublisher for its sponsorship of this giveaway!

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