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Mother’s Day Custom Gift Ideas Mom Will Love



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Mother’s Day is May 13!

So, have you thought about Mother’s Day yet?  Is your mom like my mom in that she doesn’t hesitate to tell you what she wants or doesn’t want?  It is easier to buy gifts for a person that has stated her preferences isn’t it?  Ha ha… But seriously, ever since I made my first photo book for my mom about 7 years ago, she told me not to spend money on clothes or spa treatments or anything else material – what she LOVES is getting photo books.  As this is my mom’s first year as a grandmother, her gift will most likely will be a photo book of recent photos of her and PhotoBookBaby as she loves to show them to her friends.  Homemade gifts are always the best in my opinion – remember how much your mom appreciated your lovely crayon drawings from school?  Just think of it as a grown-up version of that.  Some things never change huh?

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You’ve got plenty of time to make a beautiful photo book, but if you’d like to check out some other custom gift ideas for Mom


Seems like everyone is printing canvases now – including many of the photo book companies like Shutterfly, Snapfish and RitzPix.  With so many canvas deals floating around, it’s easy to find one for at least 60% off the normal price.  Remember that for businesses offering online deals (where you upload your order on the Internet), it doesn’t matter where you live.  So if the deal says Seattle and you live in Springfield, OR (like the Simpsons), you can take advantage of the deal.  Recently I printed two huge 30 x 40″ canvas prints.  Given the size I was concerned the photo quality would be questionable, but my photos came out beautifully!  I’ll post some photos on that later.  Since they came out so nicely, I’m planning to find more deals and make some custom decor for Photo Book Baby’s nursery as well as the rest of the house.  I’m also brainstorming canvas print possibilities using the fun Tagxedo word art tool I wrote about in yesterday’s post.  In the past I’ve also made canvas prints for my parents of a pair of black and white photos of them from the late 60s – so if you can’t find a suitable current photo, go retro!  If you don’t have time to make a photo book, or want to make your own custom wall art for mom, this is a great easy-to-make custom gift.


You can also make print enlargements (in fact, check out this FREE deal from RitzPix to get your choice of FREE enlargements, standard prints or custom card) and then frame that for an easy gift. You can select a single photo or make a collage of your own design or using the tools offered by companies like Shutterfly, Snapfish, RitzPixfloating acrylic prints, or Artscow to name a few. (Better yet, don’t forget about Picasa’s collage tool!) Besides displaying your photos in the typical wood or metal frame or canvas mount, there so many other display options out there. I’ve tried a Groupon from Fracture, a company that prints your photos onto glass.  Recently Shutterfly came out with a new product where your photo is printed on acrylic and is mounted on posts.  I’ve always liked that look when I’ve seen it done in offices and commercial buildings and I’m glad someone is offering that option to consumers.  The cost is slightly more than the canvas prints (without taking into account discounts).  You can currently get Shutterfly’s acrylic prints for 20% right now!


1) Custom Notebooks/Journals – several photo book companies now offer custom notebooks. I made one through Tiny Prints with a custom cover. I selected the option of 5 small square photos on the cover and the inside has lined notebook paper. It has metal rings like a school notebook so it will lay flat.  Blurb also offers custom notebooks too, but they’re different from the Tiny Prints ones since you can also customize the inside with photos or whatever you like. You can also choose lined or unlined paper for the interior pages which is a nice option.  I have a review of Blurb’s custom notebooks here.  Make sure to check out the Tiny Prints and Blurb deals below!

2) Custom Notecards – Do you miss getting something other than bills and circulars in the mail?  tiny prints stationeryThink about taking your own images and turning them into custom stationery with your mom’s name printed on it.  Nowadays with email being the norm, a real note sent snail mail is always a welcome surprise. I made myself a set of custom notecards with Tiny Prints using my favorite ocean and beach photos recently and it’s made me enjoy sending out mail the old fashioned way again.

3) Custom Mother’s Day Card

Suppose you’re one of the good kids and have already bought mama a present.  What about creating a custom card to go with it?

1) Shutterfly is offering a FREE card which you can customize for mom. Use coupon code: CARD4U.

2) You may have also heard me mention these 3D cards from Snapily. Use coupon code: Letmyfriendtry for a FREE card to get a cool custom animated Mother’s Day card. Check out my Snapily card here.

3) Treat is offering a 100% FREE $.99 cent Mother’s Day card!  (Treat is affiliated with Shutterfly and TinyPrints and just launched today.)  I took a look and there’s almost 700 different Mother’s Day cards available with about 200+ that you can add your custom photos to the design.  Actually you could also use the free code for any of their cards.  If you have the card shipped to yourself it’s completely FREE, but if you have it sent directly to the recipient, it’s just the cost of a stamp. Use Coupon Code: FREETREAT

Except for the Treat card, you do have to pay shipping and taxes where applicable.  I would estimate shipping to be about $2.00 or so.


Perhaps your mom is the crafty or DIY type?  All the companies offer gift vouchers or gift certificates.  You can also gift a Groupon or Living Social deal (unless the specific deal terms say otherwise.)

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  1. Andrea Webster
    Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:20 am | #

    Some wonderful ideas here! And I just love your site and blog. I came to this looking for the Photobook America deal in particular. This blog post was tagged with it that company, and on the main page for deals it says “5/30,” but I’m not finding it. I made a book with them of our journey to adopt our daughter in China, and we are going for a visit in a month and I’d love to make another copy for our daughter’s foster mom in China! Can you help? Thanks so much!

  2. Andrea Webster
    Posted May 11, 2013 at 11:09 am | #

    Never mind (unless you have a different deal), I found some Groupon deals on the web. They’re dated February, so I hadn’t looked at them, but it turns out they’re still available. Now I just have to figure out what paper and such to use this time…. Thanks so much for your blog! Hope I win the contest!

    • photobookgirl
      Posted May 11, 2013 at 3:22 pm | #

      I like the photo lustre – be sure to check out my Photobook America reviews page for more tips on stuff like paper and design…

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