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Mother’s Day Photo Book Ideas



Are you working on a photo book for Mother’s Day? I’m sure your mom will love anything that you make her – photo book or not (isn’t it a mom’s job to like anything you make regardless of artistic merit? Ha ha…)  With photo books, you don’t have to worry if Mom will like it – I think it’s guaranteed!

Time is running short for getting those orders placed, but there’s still time.  (And I should know cause I’m still working on mine!)

Here’s some ideas I’ve been thinking about…

1) Mothers would love to have any photo book featuring photos of their children – I’m sure everyone has digital photos from a trip or gathering that are just sitting in your hard drive, or worse yet, still on the camera’s memory card.  A single-event book is focused and can make it easier to select photos.  To be efficient, pick out the very best ones and don’t get caught up in trying to document the whole trip.  Also consider using an auto-fill tool offered by most, if not all photo book companies.  It automatically places your photos into layouts for you, but you can still move the photos around if you want and it’s super quick;

2) Similarly grandmothers would love any photo book of their grandchildren – consider making a brag book!  A brag book is a small book that can fit into a purse.  Check out this neat Photobookgirl tool which lets you hone in on the exact photo book size you’re looking for;

3) Preserve all those fingerpainting/crayon/marker works of art done by the kids by scanning them and putting those into a photo book for mom;

4) Now here’s what I plan to do for my mom – a photo book with photos featuring mom over the years.  All those great photos of mom featuring retro fashions and hairdos will be fun to put together, and perhaps I’ll throw in a few flashback photos of all those family portraits taken at the mall.  I have some photos already scanned from past projects but I’ve never done a photo book solely focused on my mom.  (Today’s photo is of mom and me on my first plane ride!) I’m thinking of making it really clean and simple in layout.  Maybe only one or two photos per page.

Also if you want to do captions that are themed, here’s some ideas:

  • Ten Things I Love About My Mom
  • My Favorite Memories (include happy memories of family trips, funny things that happened during childhood)
  • Look up famous quotes about mothers and sprinkle them throughout your book – just Google “famous quotes about mom” and you get a ton of results

Don’t you think that any of the above would make a lovely gift?

What are you making for mom?  Have any ideas to share?  Comment below!




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