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Every Post I’ve Done About Firework Photography



It’s almost that time of year! One of my most favorite holidays – the Fourth of July. What is it about the Fourth? There just something about fireworks that I never get tired of, despite seeing so many displays over the years. And now that I’ve taken the time to learn how to take firework photos, I’m quite hooked. I’m not sure that I’ll get out and shoot this year (I feel like I say that every year.) But if you’re thinking about it, I want to share with you all the posts I’ve written on the subject, so you can prepare and get out there and have fun. It’s surprisingly easy to take beautiful firework photos if you know the right settings. Trust me, I’m someone who doesn’t like to get “technical” and I found this to be not as painful as I thought.

So, just as the title says, here’s a round up of “Every Post I’ve Done on Firework Photography”! (Clicking on the images will take you to the post.)

fireworks 2016 title


This next post is a roundup of sorts in itself, with some of the same links to past firework posts, but also features several photos I took at Disney World which is THE place to be if you love fireworks and nighttime light shows!

How to Take Better Fireworks Photographs

Below is one of the first posts I did on firework photography with links to other sites’ tutorials. This is the best post to read if you want to know the “how to”.

How to Photograph Fireworks

Here’s an earlier post, mostly about my progress in learning how to take fireworks photos. This is what kind of shots I got when I didn’t use a tripod.

photographing fireworks

Below’s post features my first experience in applying the techniques I learned.

fireworks title


I hope this will encourage you to try the tips I learned for taking better firework photos or to take a step forward in improving your photography in some way or another. Have a great holiday! Be sure to check out all the holiday photo book deals on our deal tracker!

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