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365 Project 2012 – Weeks 19 & 20 Plus New Free Collage Tool



Week 19 & 20 down, 32 to go!

Week 19 and 20 down folks!  Above is a collage of the photos I took during the last two weeks.  The top left one is of PhotoBookBaby and me on my first Mother’s Day. I got treated to a yummy brunch plus lots of hugs!  The shot of the Jersey Boys playbill and the beautiful theatre was my treat to my folks for Mother’s Day.  (I took care of Father’s Day too in one fell swoop! But still working on my hubby’s Father’s Day gift though!)  One other notable shot is of my little guy’s hand reaching for puffs.  As soon as he learned how to grab onto them and feed himself, he just can’t get enough.  They’re like crack for babies.  He grins from ear to ear when he sees me bring out the puffs container.  I’m seriously thinking of doing a “puffs bar” instead of a candy bar at his one-year birthday party!!!

Anyways, about the collage… I created it with a new tool I found in PicMonkey.  It’s becoming my collage tool of choice.  I like it better than Picasa and it functions completely online with no download or sign up required.  At the time I did my post on Picasa’s collage tools in March, PicMonkey hadn’t come out with theirs yet.  It’s pretty new – probably in the last couple weeks.

PicMonkey allows you to make your own custom collages by dragging the outer corners of the outer frame.  You can  also resize the photo boxes whereas Picasa’s is fixed based on what size and number of photos you are using in the collage.  (You know how I love customization!) PicMonkey’s photo effects are also more advanced and offers more options.  I also like some of the clip art like the comic bubbles and other graphic elements you can play with.

So, that’s my new toy as of late.  If you’ve been following my blog recently, I had mentioned PicMonkey in earlier posts about free editing tools – so now here’s another fun feature to try!

Anyone try out any of the editing tools I wrote about?  Any of them emerging as a favorite go-to program for you?

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